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The equipment we use at Hunstanton EyeCare Norfolk Opticians

A description of all the eye health and sight testing devices we use every day in our Hunstanton EyeCare practice.

Retinal Photography

Retinal photography is considered one of the most advanced tools in the long term monitoring of the retina and in the early assessment of any associated problems.

The sophisticated camera allows us to take colour photographs of your retinas to a high level of definition. As a result we can clearly see and investigate any complications that might need to be addressed.

Thanks to digital technology we can store the images for future reference on our computer software and forward to other medical experts if more analysis is required.

The retina is a vital part of your eye’s architecture. It’s the light-sensitive lining found at the back of your eye and covers roughly 65% of the interior surface.

Photosensitive cells found in the retina convert light energy into signals which are then whisked away to the brain via the optic nerve.

Our retinal photography service ensures any problems within the retina are discovered. We look for defects which might relate to glaucoma and retinal degeneration as well as more system wide issues including diabetes and high blood pressure.

By maintaining a permanent record with us you’ll help us ensure we catch any issues quickly and accurately by using important comparison tests during future eye examinations.


A phoropter is a special device used to test individual lenses in front of each eye during an examination. The machine is able to quickly flick between lenses until the right one is found. Although it looks a little imposing, it’s a great way to determine the best lens type you’ll require for your vision correction.


A slit lamp is used during an examination to analyse the anterior (front) and posterior (back) segments of your eyes. Nearly everyone has come across a slip-lamp before. It’s the instrument which requires you to rest your head on a chin rest whilst the optician studies your eye using a combination of bright light and a microscope.


An Ophthalmoscope is a handheld device we use to determine the health of your retina, optic disc and other structures within your eye. It’s comprised of a light source with a combination of mirrors and lenses which together reveal the interior of your eye to the optician.


A Retinoscope is another handheld device used by our opticians to determine whether your eyes are ‘20/20’. Basically, to discover how near-sighted or far-sighted you are and as a result which eyewear prescription you’ll require. A light is shone back and forth across your eye whilst our experienced optician takes the needed measurements.

Visual Field Analyser

The field analyser is used to measure for any visual field defect. You’re asked to look into a machine, straight ahead, and respond to a series of small flashing lights by pressing a button. The responses are then analysed to discover any abnormalities. One eye or both eyes simultaneously can be tested depending on the investigation required. We use this analyser for glaucoma diagnosis and to monitor retinal damage.

Icare Tonometer

The Icare Tonometer is a device we use to measure the pressure of the eye. This is achieved by studying the eye’s cornea using a very light probe which momentary makes contact with its surface. The procedure doesn’t hurt and most people feel nothing at all. High pressure is an indication of glaucoma.

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