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The equipment we use at Hunstanton EyeCare Norfolk Opticians

A description of all the eye health and sight testing devices we use every day in our Hunstanton EyeCare practice.


Revo FC Treatment

One of the reasons you come to Hunstanton Eyecare is for an eye examination to ensure your eyes are healthy. We only have one pair of eyes and they have to last a lifetime, we can only have good vision if our eyes remain healthy. The eye is a complex organ packed with microscopic structures; each one plays its part in giving us our vision to see the world in its great detail. Of course, not all these structures can be seen with the naked eye or even with our existing optical equipment.

The combination of an All-in-One OCT technology with a Full Colour Fundus Camera in one compact system gives you high quality OCT images and a detailed colour image for a multipurpose diagnosis.
Capturing colour fundus images of retina and OCT scanning of a retina in a single shot on one device saves both time and space.

Revo FC is a type of scanner, there is no need to use stinging eye drops to dilate your pupil and there is no bright flash of light. Completed in just a few seconds, Revo FC gives us a unique view of the intricate anatomy of the eye to monitor your eye health. Think of it as being able to see through structures. Imagine your birthday cake, the icing and candles are visible but you don’t know what’s underneath, juicy fruit cake or sponge and jam? You need to know! Similarly, we need to know what is going on between the microscopic layers of the retina in order to confirm the health of your eyes.

So at your next eye examination at Hunstanton Eyecare, be sure to ask for the Revo FC treatment. Those of you who are members of our Eye plan scheme there is an opportunity to upgrade your plan to include Revo FC at your annual eye exam.


VISIOFFICE 2  Individual Lens Technology

At Hunstanton Eyecare, we are always looking for the next best technology to put into the practice to enhance the visual experience and also the performance of your spectacle lenses.

All industries are always introducing ‘the next best thing’ but with the Visioffice 2 from our main lens supplier Essilor, this has taken the measurements for eye position in a spectacle frame to a level not used before.

The lenses are headlined under the title Individual Lens Technology, this simply means that the lenses in your spectacle frame have been tailor made to your prescription, your head posture and movement and how you move your eyes, the eyes centre of rotation is also calculated.

You choose were you wish to hold your reading material rather than having to find the correct place. The eyes centre of rotation is recorded allowing your natural head movement to be tracked through a series of head movements, your dominant eye will be recorded as without knowing it we almost always tend to hold material to view slightly to one side. The movement of your eyes as you view things close is also recorded.

The main benefit of this is for Varifocal wearers but it can be applied to Single Vision spectacles as well to give better peripheral vision.

The individual lens technology provides for a greater volume of vision in all angles compared with conventional varifocals, so with today’s habits of mobile phones and tablets we hold things closer than before but not only closer we often want a greater volume to our vision as todays lifestyle dictates we need wider clearer vision in all angles of gaze ..

So to re-cap we can now fully record your head posture, your head /eye coefficient , your dominant eye , your eyes centre of rotation, were and how the eyes move on reading, all this added together gives you


Patient feedback  -  “Wow I feel as if these were made for my eyes” & “Such clear definition” &  “Image so bright and clear”


A phoropter is a special device used to test individual lenses in front of each eye during an examination. The machine is able to quickly flick between lenses until the right one is found. Although it looks a little imposing, it’s a great way to determine the best lens type you’ll require for your vision correction.


A slit lamp is used during an examination to analyse the anterior (front) and posterior (back) segments of your eyes. Nearly everyone has come across a slip-lamp before. It’s the instrument which requires you to rest your head on a chin rest whilst the optician studies your eye using a combination of bright light and a microscope.


An Ophthalmoscope is a handheld device we use to determine the health of your retina, optic disc and other structures within your eye. It’s comprised of a light source with a combination of mirrors and lenses which together reveal the interior of your eye to the optician.


A Retinoscope is another handheld device used by our opticians to determine whether your eyes are ‘20/20’. Basically, to discover how near-sighted or far-sighted you are and as a result which eyewear prescription you’ll require. A light is shone back and forth across your eye whilst our experienced optician takes the needed measurements.

Visual Field Analyser

The field analyser is used to measure for any visual field defect. You’re asked to look into a machine, straight ahead, and respond to a series of small flashing lights by pressing a button. The responses are then analysed to discover any abnormalities. One eye or both eyes simultaneously can be tested depending on the investigation required. We use this analyser for glaucoma diagnosis and to monitor retinal damage.

Icare Tonometer

The Icare Tonometer is a device we use to measure the pressure of the eye. This is achieved by studying the eye’s cornea using a very light probe which momentary makes contact with its surface. The procedure doesn’t hurt and most people feel nothing at all. High pressure is an indication of glaucoma.

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